Stan Bradshaw - Photographer

I have been taking photographs for over over 50 years, both professionally and as a record of family life and local events. Its only in the last couple of years that I started to shoot digitally and most of my photographs are filed away as negatives in storage boxes and rarely see the light of day. A couple of years ago I started to digitally scan all these negatives and realised that I had in my possession a rare pictorial archive of the history of my family over more than half a century.

I have now decided that this archive should be made available to other family members, friends and others with an interest and this website has been created to that end.

I have also included some older photographs taken by other members of my family and passed down through the generations. Wherever possible I have credited these photographers, however details of who took what and where are very sketchy and records have been lost over time. I apologise if I have failed to mention someone I should have.

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